How the proposed rate change could affect you

While the average residential electric bill will increase by about $14.13, from $112.45 to $126.58, the new rates will still compare favorably to other rural utilities in Arkansas and across the nation. The new rates will affect each member differently. Here are some ways to minimize the impact of the proposed rates.

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CECC Proposes New Rates

CECC will submit a rate adjustment request to the Arkansas Public Service Commission in July. If approved, it will go into effect with usage beginning Oct. 1, 2022, and reflect a 9.3% average increase across all rate classes — residential, commercial, and lighting, including an increase in the service availability charge.

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Read more about the article Fighting the winter chills
Reduce your thermostat's temperature to 68 degrees fahrenheit during winter months.

Fighting the winter chills

Frigid temperatures can cause heating systems to work over time, and since heating and cooling can make up nearly half of your electric bill, you may experience sticker shock when you open that bill. Instead of waiting until after a potentially high bill is in your mailbox, be proactive.

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