Utility-Grade Surge Protection

Lightning and short-circuits can strike at any moment and destroy or cause extensive damage to your equipment and appliances. Being prepared for these unexpected surges and spikes can go a long way towards protecting your equipment. Lightning is often the cause of power surges, but other factors such as birds, squirrels, and trees interfering with power lines can also cause short circuits that can lead to a power surge. Construction work, demand fluctuations in your home, and auto accidents involving utility poles can have the same effect.

Craighead Electric wants to help you shield your equipment and appliances from these threats by offering affordable, utility-grade surge protection to all of our residential and small-commercial members. Our surge protectors are installed under the meter, acting as a firewall against high voltage spikes by safely “clamping” and dissipating excess voltage before it can reach computers, routers, copiers, DVR’s, TV’s, stereos and other AC powered electronics/electrical equipment.

Meter-base surge protectors will only guard against surges coming in through the electrical service, but when used together with auxiliary surge-protectors on telephone lines, cable services, and on individual devices, they are an essential part of a whole-home surge-protection strategy.

For only $6.00 per month, Craighead Electric will install and maintain a surge protector on the electric meter of your home, shop, apartment, or light industrial building. If it ever fails to stop a power surge from entering your home through the electric service, damaged electronics are warrantied up to $50,000. For more information on leasing a surge protector for your meter, call us today at 1-800-794-5012. 

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