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@CraigheadCoop Thank you to all who are working tirelessly to keep families across NEA safe and warm.
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@CraigheadCoop Really proud of the work you guys are doing with the new solar array and the new high speed internet access. Y'all are the best!
Kim H.
Kim Bono
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If you are on Craighead Electric and your bill was higher than normal like our $650 one, I highly recommend you request an energy audit. The guys from CE were very prompt, professional, thorough, and informative. They helped us identify a major problem and a few minor ones, offered solutions and left us hopeful that our next one won't be quiet so high after the necessary changes are made.
Carolyn C.
Carolyn C.from Strawberry
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Thank you all for doing the great jobs keeping us in the light. You work very hard at a very dangerous job and I for one appreciate it very much. God bless and stay safe 🙏❤

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