Apply for New Electric Service

To establish a new account or add additional service with Craighead Electric Cooperative, fill out the Request Electric Service form or send an e-mail to with your name, address, and phone number.

After the above information has been received, a member service representative will contact you to confirm your request and discuss any application fees, etc. A copy of the application will then be mailed or emailed to you for your signature.

Deposit Requirements

Under certain conditions, a deposit may be required from new applicants to guarantee payment for the service. If desired, the deposit may be paid in two installments. In lieu of a deposit, the cooperative will accept the written guarantee of a responsible third party, or a good payment record for the most recent 12‐month payment record from the previous electric utility.

The amount of deposit will not exceed the estimated bill for two average billing periods. The cooperative shall pay simple interest on deposits at a rate set annually by Arkansas Public Service Commission, and such interest shall be credited to the customer’s account on the anniversary of the deposit date.

For existing members, if you pay late for two consecutive billing periods, or pay late three or more billing periods in the last 12 months; you will be accessed a $50 deposit each month up to the maximum allowed deposit per Arkansas Public Service Commission General Service Rule 4.02(Opens in PDF.). The total amount of a deposit will not exceed the amount of the customer’s two highest bills during the last 12 months unless unauthorized use or tampering is involved.

When final discontinuation of service is made by the cooperative, the amount of the deposit plus accrued interest will be credited to the member’s account. A deposit shall automatically be refunded when the member, for a consecutive 12‐month period, has paid all bills by the due date and when no insufficient funds checks have been rendered.

New Construction

If you are building a new home or service. The member is responsible to build the meter loop.  Meter loop specification sheets can be found here. We strongly encourage members to contact the cooperative before construction takes place for a new electric service. Please contact the office at 800-794-5012.