Report an Outage

CONFIRM the outage: Check lights and appliances in other rooms. If you still have power in some areas, most likely a fuse or a circuit breaker in your house has blown. If all lights are off, check to see if neighbor’s lights are also off. This will help us determine how widespread the outage is.

CALL 1-888-771-7772 to report the outage: Be prepared to leave a message on our Automated Outage System where your information will be fed immediately into an outage analysis computer system. Dispatchers will use this information and direct crews to the source of the problem.

TEXT your outage to 85700: Text CECC to 85700 to opt-in to SMS Text Message outage notifications (required once per phone number). Then, in the event of an outage, text OUT to 85700 to instantly report your outage via text message. Give us a call if you have any issues with text notifications.

Report Outage Via SmartHub: In your SmartHub App. Log-in to SmartHub in a web browser or the smartphone app, click on Report an Issue/Inquiry, then click on Power Outage, choose the account that is experiencing an outage, add any comments, and submit the outage report (preferred method).

Sign up for Text Outage Notifications

Text Outage Notifications is a convenient service that allows you to communicate with Craighead Electric Coop via SMS text messages. You can sign up to receive text notifications about planned outages that may affect your electric service, report power outage in the same text conversation, stay updated on the status of the outage, and even receive a text notification when power is restored. To subscribe to Text Alerts, please click on the link below and follow the instructions. TextPower is our trusted partner that provides this service.

Text Outage Notification TIPS

  • Make sure your mobile phone number is associated with your electric account before attempting to use Text Outage Notifications. (update your contact information in SmartHub or by calling the office)
  • Text STATUS to 85700 to see if your service is experiencing an outage.
  • Text OUT to 85700 to report an outage.
  • Text HELP to 85700 for more information.

How to Operate a Portable Generator Safely

You can use a portable generator to supply electricity during a power outage, but if used improperly they can injure or kill you or the personnel restoring power to your home, not to mention damage the appliances you connect.

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