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Third-Party Payment Vendors

Members who elect to use third-party payment vendors to pay their electric bill may encounter unexpected problems from using these services. Third party bill payment services, like those provided by many banks (i.e. E-Bill pay) and bill payment companies(i.e., allow you to pay your various bills online, but what is not always made apparent is how long these services take to process your payment.

Third-party payment systems that are not integrated into Craighead Electric’s backend take several business days longer to process than a traditional bank draft. Many times, bank-provided ‘e-bill’ systems simply print out a physical check and mail it to us on your behalf, which can take weeks to reach us.

If that payment was made too close to the bill’s due date, it may result in an avoidable late fee. Likewise, members who submit payments on a disconnect notice may run the risk of their payment not making it to our system before their service is cut off.

This is why we provide all members with a free SmartHub online bill payment account. As long as you are using SmartHub or AutoPay to pay your bills online, you can rest assured that your payments will always post the instant you make them.