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SmartHub101: Pay Now without Registering

A lesser-known but occasionally useful feature of the Craighead Electric SmartHub member portal is the Pay Now Site. Pay Now allows anyone to make a one-time online payment without registering or logging in to SmartHub. All that is needed is the LAST NAME of the primary account holder (or Business Name if it is a commercial account) and the billing ACCOUNT NUMBER.

Making a payment without logging in is useful if you have forgotten your credentials and just want to make a quick online payment. The Pay Now page has also been used by generous benefactors or other responsible third parties to help others pay their electric bill. For example: a parent or guardian pitching in to help an independent child pay their electric bill without sharing full access to their account.

To use Pay Now, navigate to the Pay Now page from the SmartHub login page.

Enter the desired Account number and Last Name/Business name and click submit. You will be taken directly to a page where you can submit a one-time payment. No payment source details are stored during a Pay Now transaction.

Try Pay Now today or sign up for SmartHub to make paying your electric bill easier than ever before. Contact us if you have any questions about Craighead Electric Cooperative’s SmartHub app.

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