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CEO update about curtailment preparation

At Craighead Electric Cooperative (CECC), we understand that our members rely on us for consistent power, especially during extreme weather conditions. However, there are times when the demand for electricity surpasses the available supply. If and when that happens, we act on notifications from our power suppliers to reduce the load to prevent a grid overload.

This process, known as power curtailment, is a last resort measure to ensure the stability of the grid for everyone. It’s not directly within CECC’s ability to control generation, but we can act together to control consumption. We’re committed to minimizing the impact on our members and will provide advanced notice through various channels, including text messages, our SmartHub app, and social media.

If you receive a curtailment notification, we encourage you to reduce your electricity use. Simple actions like adjusting your thermostat or postponing the use of appliances can make a significant difference. Together, we can navigate these critical moments and maintain our community’s power security.

For any questions or assistance, your trusted energy partners at Craighead Electric Cooperative are ready to support you. We’re in this together, and your cooperation is invaluable in these efforts. Thank you for doing your part in keeping our community powered and prepared.

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