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Shannon Strope (foreground left) and the rest of the crew pose after a hard days work.

Arkansas Linemen Electrify Bolivian Villages

Thirteen Arkansas Electric Cooperative linemen have returned from rural Bolivia where they set off to bring power to three remote villages. The mission, dubbed “Operation Razorback” was a success, resulting in electric service to more than 360 residents in 72 homes. Located near Guararamerian at the Brazilian border, the villages had previously been without electric power and likely would have remained in the dark without the help of the local electric cooperative.

The volunteer linemen represented electric cooperatives across Arkansas and worked closely with the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) International team on the project. The Arkansas crew worked with the Guayaramerin Electric Cooperative, or COSEGUA, on the project helping to construct a substantial number of distribution lines.

Shannon Strope and Aaron Yearta represented Craighead Electric Coop on the mission. “The Operation Razorback – Bolivia crew have changed lives in Bolivia,” said Brian Duncan, CEO of Craighead Electric. “These men volunteered their skills and showed a passion for serving their fellow man. Their efforts will result in an increased quality of life for the villagers and future generations.”

Electric Cooperatives of Arkansas crews have assisted in establishing electric service to approximately 1,500 residents in rural Bolivia and Guatemala since 2013. Read more about our mission of international electrification at