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Organic meal being made in modern kitchen on induction cooktop

No, no one is coming for your gas stove

Recent comments from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission have ignited a fiery national debate over the way we heat our stovetops. While there is little to no chance that stoves fueled by propane or natural gas will ever be outright banned, what alternatives are there?

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Rewiring America

National nonprofit Rewiring America’s mission is to make electrification simple, and as such has published an online tool to help demystify the tangled web of generous, but confusing, IRA opportunities available to Americans starting next year.

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Show your attic access some love

One of the largest sources of discomfort and inefficiency in Craighead Electric Cooperative members’ homes is consistently found in the attic access, especially pull-down stairs. They are convenient for gaining entry to your attic space for storage and maintenance but are rarely air sealed and insulated as well as they could be.

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