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Misleading solar ads

Have you or someone you know seen solar advertisements on social media like these examples?

Some of these advertisements mention that Craighead Electric Members qualify for a special program to get solar panels and even have a fancy form to complete to see if you qualify. Facebook ads for solar like these make many fantastical promises including:

  • The company is working with Craighead Electric Cooperative to install solar in the area
  • The company can help you install solar through some unspecified “program”
  • The company can install solar for $0 down

In truth, these companies are not affiliated with or endorsed by Craighead Electric in any way. These are most likely not ads from solar companies, but rather marketing companies looking to make money by selling your information to legitimate solar contractors. They are not affiliated with Craighead Electric Cooperative in any way, the “programs” mentioned are simply financing programs to provide loans to consumers installing solar, and while many loans come without a down payment, zero down does little to improve the long-term financial outlook of any investment. 

If you are considering solar, Contact Craighead Electric Cooperative and we will help you decide if going solar is right for you. As a not-for-profit electric utility and your trusted energy partner, we can answer questions about your options. 

Read more about how our net metering program works on our net metering page.

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