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2016 Energy Efficient Model Home

Craighead Electric Energy Efficient Model Home

jaynes' energy efficient house

Construction is wrapping up on the NEW CECC ENERGY EFFICIENT MODEL HOME.

The home is owned and built by Dennis Jaynes.

It is located in Terra Hills, north of Jonesboro off highway 351. (103 Craighead 794 Rd, Jonesboro, AR 72401)

The home will feature many energy saving components and materials and was built using the latest high efficiency building practices.  

Open house date is Saturday, April 16th, 2016 from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. and will be open to the public. 

exterior of cecc's model home

Foundation Work 

foundation poured bottom floor foundation

foundation work  lower floor foundation

lower floor concrete walls  lower floor concrete walls


Framing the 2x6 walls 

framing the walls  2x6 walls being framed

Energy Efficient T's and Corners are being used to get the best coverage of insulation throughout the walls.

Info Graphic for Constructing an Energy Efficient Corner and "T".

Photo of energy efficient corner

exterior of unfinished house jaynes construction sign


All interior Hot Water Lines are insulated in the wall cavity.  Preventing any heat loss as the hot water travels through the line.

insulated hot water lines in wall insulated gshp loops in wall

Windows have been installed.  They have a U-Factor of 0.25 and Solar Heat Gain Coeffient of 0.26.  We recommend a minimum of 0.30 on both the U-Factor and Solar Heat Gain Coefficient.

Photo of the Energy Star sticker on the window

All windows are sealed with non-expanding foam around the perimeter of the window on the interior to prevent any air infiltration from entering around the windows.

non expanding insulating spray foam around the windows

non expanding insulating spray foam around the windows

non expanding insulating spray foam around the windows


Six inches of Open-Cell Spray Foam has been added to the roof decking, and walls.

open cell insulating foam sprayed on the roof rafters  encapsulated roof structure with open cell foam  

The walls are sprayed with open cell foam and then smoothed down to the studs and are ready for the sheet rock.

open cell insulation before it has been scrapped off  open cell foam insulation after shaving

open cell insulation foam in walls 

Metal Duct Work is being installed and sealed with Mastic Tape.  The special tape, not duct tape, will seal any air leaks between the joints of the duct.  Also, notice NO flex duct is allow in a Craighead Electric Energy Efficient Home.

hvac grade mastic tape sealed metal ductwork

sealed metal ductwork ductwork installed floor joists


The home has a full Geothermal HVAC system. It will pull heat from the ground in the winter and put heat into the ground in the summer through 800 ft of buried underground loops. This has the added benefit of providing completely free hot water. 

drilling rig drilling verical holes for ground loops loops being joined to header

GSHP unit still in packaging  ground loops terminate in the house at the unit 

installed gshp unit

The HVAC units and hot water heater are individually metered so the homes energy usage can be monitored very closely. 

Individually metered hvac and water heater

cecc model home viewed from the street



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